Me in front of a large-scale print of a photo I took of my favorite flower.




How would I describe a picture? In the words of James R. Gaines, Managing Editor of “The Best of Life – favorite photographs, 1978-1991: ” a picture as great as a poem, a poem without words that can stop you in your tracks and leave you breathless, or enraged, or in love – a poem that ends as it begins, in an instant ” My name is Henri, and I aspire to create poetry through photography.


My thoughts on photography:  Moments are fleeting.  Capture it !!! Looking at the Polaroid images taken of our family in the 1980’s, I treasure the moments and memories.

If you want to preserve that very special occasion, the once in a lifetime memories, call your photographer, I am happy to capture your special moments.

I hope that my images will give you a glimpse into the souls of the subjects and photographer, interacting in a fleeting moment, to create art that will last over generations.

Enjoy it !!!